My name is Andrius and I am Wedding Photographer in Sheffield, South Yorkshire.

Ever since my grandfather gave me an old Zenit E film camera (I still have it) I have been in love with photography. 15 years later... it's my occupation.

I'm 37 and based in Sheffield, where for nearly 10 years I've built up an impressive portfolio of work. Married myself (my wife is the assistant photographer and lighting specialist) I understand just how joyful a wedding can truly be – and what is needed to create the very best wedding portraits and photos.

I've captured every kind of image, from formal portraits to the more spontaneous moments that every wedding should have. To me, the best photography captures those times when people are at ease and enjoying themselves; that's what makes a truly amazing wedding day.

I love to capture drama and romance. I love to let people shine - even the most reluctant. I love go the extra mile to get that perfect photo, knowing that it's all been worthwhile!

I just love photographing weddings! Will you let me to photograph Your Wedding? I would love to!

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